RoChess.NET Hosting, the logical stage in the evolution of hosting your website. We have a basic plan that is more then enough for the average websites and an advanced plan for those who wish to take it to the extreme. Our prices are very competitive, but we are not the lowest on the market. We actually don't even try to be, because with us you get much more behind the scene, especially via our outstanding personal support. This is why our own clients are our best advertising method, because they already experienced this hands on, and are more then willing to tell this to others.


   RoChess.NET Hosting
We supply total-solutions.
We do it all for you.
No knowledge needed.
Extremly Easy.
Everything is possible.

Personal support via:
E-mail, ICQ, AIM or MSN (also voice).
News Section
Apr 11th 2006: Eolas patent
As of today Microsoft has patched IE. If you are using Flash, please contact us.

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Apr 2nd 2006: EU Domains
You can now check availability on .EU domains via our search engine. Prices are then also shown.
Mar 20th 2006: New Tools
Check out our updated 'Tools' page, with new programs to combat today's internet terror threats.
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